12 Celebrities Who Got Braces At An Older Age

Faye Dunaway

At the age of 61 Faye Dunaway finally found the time to tend to her teeth, and according to the Daily Mail she felt good about her decision to straighten her teeth following Tom Cruise’s braces look. “You just sort of let your teeth go for a while” she said “but it’s time to have something done. Tom Cruise has [braces] now so I’m right in style.” Dunaway wore braces as a teenager but her teeth got crooked because Dunaway didn’t bother to wear her retainer post braces. If your teeth need straightening, Dunaway is a great example of someone who decided to take care of her teeth regardless of her age so no matter how old you are — go for it! Make an appointment with an orthodontist to consult about the types of braces available to help straighten your teeth and correct your smile.